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Breast Augmentation Candidates

Breast augmentation model

The best candidates for breast augmentation are women who are in good health and want to enhance their appearance with fuller breasts that have a natural look and feel. Each women who has the surgery does so for reasons that are unique and personal — do your research, think carefully about your goals and discuss all of your options with your plastic surgeon.

Are You a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation, or Breast Enlargement, performed by a qualified plastic surgeon is a safe and popular cosmetic procedure. Studies show that the majority of patients are satisfied with their results and would recommend the procedure to others.

Generally, the best candidates for breast augmentation are women:

  • Who are in good health.
  • Who want to improve their appearance and have reasonable expectations.
  • Who are 18 or older.
  • Who are not pregnant or nursing.

Women elect to undergo breast augmentation for reasons that are varied, unique and personal. Many women simply feel that their breasts are too small and that a larger breast size would enhance the overall balance, proportions and contour of their body. Clothes may not fit as well as they would like or they may feel self-conscious in swimwear. Ideals of perfection presented by the media sometimes contribute to dissatisfaction with breast size. For these women, breast augmentation may result in a very positive benefit in the way they perceive their bodies.

Many women consider breast augmentation because of breast volume lost after pregnancy or after losing weight. Childbirth, weight loss and aging can cause changes in breast appearance. The breasts may begin to sag or become smaller and lose their firmness.

Most women actually have a small degree of asymmetry, or breasts that are not exactly the same size. Women who experience a notable degree of asymmetry may consider breast augmentation to enlarge the smaller breast or, less frequently, breast reduction to reduce the larger breast.

Women who are less than ideal candidates for various reasons can still usually get good results with breast augmentation. Experienced plastic surgeons who use advanced surgical techniques can frequently use their expertise to overcome many difficulties.

The majority of women who undergo breast augmentation successfully achieve an improved appearance, a boost to their self-image and an increase in self-confidence. To determine if breast augmentation is right for you, do your research and think carefully about your goals and expectations. A qualified plastic surgeon can answer the questions you are sure to have after doing your research, perform an evaluation and offer advice on your options for breast augmentation.