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Breast Reduction Procedure

Reduce the Size of Large Breasts

Women with very large breasts sometimes experience physical discomfort, feel self-conscious and are inhibited in their ability to perform physical activities. Medical problems experienced can include back pain, neck pain and breathing difficulties.

Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure to reduce the size of large breasts that is performed for physical relief as well as for cosmetic reasons. The procedure results in breasts that are smaller, lighter and more firm and shapely. The size of the areola may also be reduced.

Generally, the best candidates for a breast reduction are women:

  • Who are in good health.
  • Who want to improve their appearance and have reasonable expectations.
  • Who are 18 or older.
  • Who are not pregnant or nursing.

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

  • A procedure to reduce the size of the breasts.
  • Performed for physical relief as well as for cosmetic reasons.
  • Results in smaller, lighter and more firm and shapely breasts.

The most common breast reduction procedure uses an anchor-shaped incision to remove excess breast tissue, move the nipple and areola to a new position and reshape the breast. Excess fat may be removed from the armpit using liposuction. For some women, techniques can be used to minimize scarring or use liposuction alone to reduce the breast size.

To determine if breast reduction is right for you, do your research, think carefully about your goals and expectations and discuss all of your options with your plastic surgeon. Women who are less than ideal candidates for various reasons can still usually get good results with a breast lift. Qualified and experienced plastic surgeons can frequently use their expertise to overcome many difficulties.

The majority of women who undergo a breast reduction successfully achieve an improved appearance and a boost to their self-image. If you are considering breast reduction, the most important thing you can do is locate a qualified plastic surgeon, discuss all of the factors that are relative to you in making your decision and work closely with your doctor throughout the process. Also see our section on choosing a plastic surgeon for how to choose a doctor who is right for you.