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All About Breast Implants

Breast augmentation model

Choose the Breast Implants that are right for you

Breast implants are available in a variety of sizes, projections, shapes and textures to suit the individual needs of women with different physical characteristics and aesthetic goals. Your plastic surgeon and his or her staff will listen to your goals for breast augmentation, help to assess your possibilities and provide expert guidance to help you select the breast implants that are right for you.

Your New Breast Size

You will choose your new breast size with the help of your plastic surgeon. This article covers the pros and cons of larger vs. smaller implants, how to do the rice test using "homemade" breast implants, discussing sizing at your cosmetic surgery consultation, "overfilling" of saline breast implants and information about calculating your bra band and cup size.

Breast Implant Safety

Learn about Breast Implant Safety — the risks and possible complications of breast augmentation surgery, the history of breast implants and breast implant studies.

Types of Breast Implants

Mentor Breast Implant

Visit our section on the types of breast implants to learn about the sizes, projections, shapes and textures that are available.

Both saline and silicone gel breast implants are made with a silicone elastomer (rubber) shell. Saline implants are inserted empty and then filled with saline solution at the time of surgery. Silicone gel implants are pre-filled with a cohesive, gelatin-like substance that retains the natural give of breast tissue.

Breast Implant Warranties

Learn about the Breast Implant Warranties that cover breast implants that are offered by Mentor, Natrelle and Sientra.