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Aesthetic Procedures Increase 14% in 2002

August 14, 2023
American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)

New 2022 Data from Aesthetic Society Reveals Surge in Nonsurgical Procedures

The Aesthetic Society, the leading authority on aesthetic plastic surgery, has released its annual Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank report for 2022, highlighting significant trends in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. The data showcases a remarkable 14% increase in total aesthetic procedures, largely attributed to the soaring popularity of nonsurgical procedures, which witnessed a 23% jump last year.

The report reveals an interesting trajectory for surgical procedures. After experiencing a surge in the second half of 2020 and reaching its peak in the Spring of 2021, 2021's surgical counts surpassed pre-pandemic levels by an impressive 55%. Although 2022 saw a decline in surgical procedures compared to 2021, the numbers remained a notable 37% above the counts in 2019. This increase was largely fueled by significant gains in body procedures, with liposuction (+63%) and abdominoplasty (+55%) leading the way. Conversely, nonsurgical procedures took some time to recover from the pandemic's impact, with significant growth observed in the Spring of 2021, possibly reaching their peak in the Spring of 2022.

Quarterly data from the report indicates that the number of procedures performed by surgeons has been well-balanced throughout the year, with the Spring season (April - June) emerging as the most popular period for cosmetic enhancements. Approximately 55% of all surgical procedures were conducted in the first half of the year, with this pattern consistent across body and breast procedures, as well as other surgical treatments.

The average plastic surgeon performed 252 surgical procedures in 2022, showing a 13% decrease from the 289 procedures conducted in 2021. However, despite this decline, surgical counts remained an impressive 27% higher than the pre-pandemic levels of 198 procedures in 2019.

Women continued to dominate the demographic of individuals undergoing aesthetic procedures, representing 95% of all procedures. Among surgical procedures, the most popular age group was 51– to 70-year-olds, accounting for 36% of all surgeries. The 36-50 age group closely followed with 30%, and 17–35 accounted for 27%. Patients over the age of 70 represented 8% of all surgical procedures.

The year 2022 saw Americans spending over $11.8 billion on aesthetic procedures overall, up 2% from the previous year.